Our Story


The origin of Donkey Diaries starts in 2008, when Andrew and Heather were studying abroad at the University of Delhi as part of the UC Davis Study Abroad Program. Then, they made a promise to each other that when they grew up, they would dedicate time to travel. Now, ten years has passed and it is time for the next adventure. After having motorcycled through Vietnam in 2014, and Thailand in 2016, they decided that two wheels is their favorite way to explore. Then began a long process of planning visas, import taxes, and shipping.

Donkey Diaries chronicles our journey, starting from June 2018 in Ulanbaatar, Mongolia, and ending wherever the winds take us. Tentatively, here's the route we plan to take through Asia and Europe:


We then plan to ship the motorcycles back to New York, and ride them home in San Francisco!